October 5, 2017:

After a long trip from Johannesburg via Amsterdam to Mexico City Glamour (GLAMOUR PUR von Shinbashi) and Dian (Goyave's DIAN) have arrived well at their new owners.


September 21, 2017:

The rabies titer results from Amy (HERE I AM von Shinbashi) and Hippie (HIGH PROVOCATION von Shinbashi) have arrived and are ok. Therewith, so far nothing stands in the way of the of both girls end of November, and everything has been prepared for the flight.


Septemcer 13, 2017:

Today Efvri (EVERYTHING I WISH von Shinbashi) arrived well in Germany at his new owners.


August 2, 2017:

Minu (Caipirinha's ONE HOT MINUTE) has whelped a powderpuff male today after Connor (Crestyle CUSTOM MADE TWICE HL), the JO MALONE von Shinbashi.


July 26, 2017:

Today Bailey (Crest'd Label ARTIC KISS) whelped the I litter von Shinbashi after Player (Champ. Omegaville COLD PLAY): 1 male hairless, 1 female hairless, 1 female powderpuff. Details and Photo Gallery in the topic Puppies.


July 22, 2017:

Finally the two kids from Memy (Multi-Champ. INCREDIBLE ME von Shinbashi) have arrived from Austria. Though with one day delay as they missed the flight to Johannesburg in Zurich because of about 2 hours delay already at departure in Vienna. For 24 hours the two were stuck in the animal station at Zurich Airport. And here in South Africa a special permission for the entry during weekend as well as a prolongation of the blood certificates needed to be asked for. Luckily after plenty of phone calls and e-mails from both, South Africa and Austria, everything went well and today at noon I could take PaganiPrada into my arms. I'm in love with both, and finally I also have a male from Caipirinha's.

Arrival Pagani & Prada Johannesburg Airport