If there is one dog breed which is not like the others, it is the Chinese Crested Dogs. Their skin feels warm as their normal body temperature is about 40° C (most of the dog breeds have a normal temperature of about 38.5° C). In the USA they have the nickname "walking hot-water bottle". Indeed you can "use" these dogs like that as they love to sleep under the blanket during the night.

Chinese Crested Dogs are small, elegant and very cuddly dogs, also intelligent and absolutely faithful. Often they are described as small, funny companion. Because of their playfulness and gentleness they are perfect for families with children, and they can be kept easily in apartments.

Missing coat makes it possible for people who are allergic to animal hair, to live together with a Chinese Crested. Even if one is only allergic on hair in clothing, furniture and carpets, this is a pleasant circumstance.

The intelligence of these dogs is far above average, and their ability to give love is endless. They are literally outgoing animals.

It is an error of judgement that these dogs are fragile and tend to malady, to the contrary, they are tough, seldom sick and always of good mood. Their skin is imperishable, and even at minus degrees they don't need special clothing unless they are on the move.


Es ist eine Fehleinschätzung, dass diese Hunde sehr zerbrechlich sind und zu Krankheiten neigen, im Gegenteil, sie sind hart im Nehmen, selten krank und immer sehr gut gelaunt. Ihre Haut ist widerstandsfähig und auch bei Minusgraden benötigen sie keine spezielle Kleidung so lange sie in Bewegung sind.